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L'Enfant et les Sortileges - Maurice Ravel

Nottingham Theatre Royal - Speculative Design

In an Alice in Wonderland like adventure, a young boy, forced into Hitler Youth by laws out of his control; escapes his family home, trashing everything in his wake. Through magic these broken artifices and people come to life to retaliate against the Child. Through this extraordinary and scary adventure, the boy begins to learn the through behind the Nazi regime and begins to want to follow a different path. 
Model Box Photos
Costume Designs
Act 1 opera Costumes.jpg
Act 2 oprea Costumes.jpg
Act 2 Costume Designs
Act 1 Costume Designs
The backdrop of the Opera is a double height cloth. At the pinnacle of the Opera the cloth is risen making the buildings look like they are on fire and have been bombed.
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