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Pentatonix Arena Tour

Nottingham Motorpoint Arena - Spectulative Design

Pentatonix is an acapella group who after winning the Sing Off became famous via YouTube. They now tour the world after winning three Grammy Awards. Because of their growth online I used the influence of social media as a key concept in my design, making the stage a computer glitch. The glitch, made up of LED screens that change design as the performance progresses, relating to the many music videos of the band. Most of their albums are released online meaning the first listen of each song is always accompanied by a music video, this was what I wanted the audience to relate to.
Digital Concept Visuals
Final Design 3.jpg
Final Design Visual,  The glitch is made out of LED Panels throughout the show the visuals will match the backgrounds of Pentatonix's music videos
Final Design1.jpg
Final Design 4.jpg
Final Design 2.jpg
Costume Designs
Costume Design edit.jpg
This project started with a 'Losing Control' collaboratory week. These visuals are the inspiration for my final design for Pentatonix. 
Edit 1.2.jpg
Edit 3.1.jpg
Edit 2.6.jpg
Development SketchUp Work
PTX stage.JPG
Can't Sleep Love.jpg
PTX set 8.JPG
New Stage Idea8.JPG
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